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The 2018 EY PUBLIC VALUE AWARD FOR START-UPs 2018 focuses a unique perspective on start-ups and their business model. It recognizes young, innovative companies that make a strong contribution to the common good through what they do. Specifically, their entrepreneurial activity should have a particular effect, and leave its mark, on social coexistence.

We are sure that even your start-up has something to give back to society. Find out and show us!

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By public value of an organization, we mean all the values that it gives to society. Not only economic or moral, but also values that shape and support our coexistence, or which make us happy.

Under the public value theory, value is added to society if key human or societal needs are met. If your start-up meets these needs, it contributes to the common good and will be celebrated by society. On the other hand, if it goes against the common good, it will be found unappealing.

The Public Value Scorecard identifies five dimensions in which an organization can make a common good contribution.


Does your start-up make economic sense from a societal perspective?


Does your start-up make positive experiences possible in a special way?


Does your startup provide new solutions to relevant problems?


Does your start-up strengthen moral-ethical standards?


Does your start-up strengthen coexistence in and between groups?



In the second year, we were able to set an example with the EY PUBLIC VALUE AWARD FOR START-UPs. Public value is more than just a short-term trend for company founders. It is a topic that accompanies them throughout all phases of development. In total, we received 120 applications. Our seven finalists provided varying solutions to the social issues of our time.


For the first time on October 27, 2016, EY and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management awarded the EY PUBLIC VALUE AWARD to start-ups that made a special contribution to the common good. Out of 150 registrations and almost 90 applications, a jury of experts selected seven companies, of which six finalists strove to convince the jurors and audience of the public value of their business models through short pitches.